Security at Cruise Liverpool

Personal approach, exclusive experience, your safety is in our hands…

In a city famed for its warm welcome, we at Cruise Liverpool do more than just greet passengers, we extend a hand of friendship and provide a world-class experience every time. Keeping you safe and secure is our number one priority and we are proud to be able to do this by working proactively and smartly with partner agencies Merseyside Police, Port Police, UK Border Force and City Watch – Liverpool City Council’s CCTV monitoring service.

Our friendly and specially trained team are here to help and guide you, and they will always go the extra mile to make your time here the best it can be. You can expect warm welcomes from everyone you meet, so don’t be surprised when our team approach you to say hello. If you have any questions please ask, we are always happy to help.

Project Servator

We work closely with Merseyside Police and support Project Servator – a national policing tactic aimed at disrupting a range of criminal activity, while providing a reassuring presence for the public. You may see police officers here, carrying out Project Servator deployments, which are highly visible and unpredictable. The officers are specially trained to spot the tell-tale signs that someone may be planning or preparing to commit a crime. They will liaise with our staff, and they will happily talk to you about Project Servator, so feel free to chat with them. You can find out more about Project Servator on the Merseyside Police website.

Security Checks

At Cruise Liverpool, we pride ourselves on maintaining high standards and have a range of security measures in place to keep you safe. Some of these are highly visible, others less so. Measures include security patrols across the site, live-monitored CCTV and security checks such as bag and personal belonging searches, walkthrough metal detectors, security arches and wand metal detectors – all used at different stages of your journey. Your support is vital to allow our team to carry out these checks and keep everyone safe.

Prohibited Items

Below is a guide on prohibited items that cannot be brought into Cruise Liverpool. This list is not exhaustive and may be subject to change:

  • Guns, firearms and other devices that discharge projectiles.
  • Imitation, replica or deactivated firearms or toy guns.
  • Ammunition.
  • Any items adapted or intended to use as an offensive weapon.
  • Items containing incapacitating gases.
  • Stun guns and tasers.
  • Explosives and incendiary devices.
  • Objects with a sharp point or edge.
  • Large quantities of inflammable substances.

How can you help?

Always keep your belongings with you and remember you have a key role to play in reporting anything you see or hear that doesn’t feel right. Trust your instincts and let us know about anything suspicious, no matter how minor you think it is.

We wish you fair winds and calm seas….