Arrival Information

Passenger Arrival Times

You should arrive at your designated time, as advised by your cruise line.

Guests who arrive early will not be allowed to enter ACC Liverpool, the Covid Test Area or the Check-in area and will be advised to return at their designated time.

If you have pre-booked a car parking space and have arrived early, you will be allowed to park early, hand in your baggage and then you will be free to enjoy the sites of Liverpool and return to ACC Liverpool for your designated time.

Early arrivals

Please do not arrive early to ACC Liverpool as you wont be given access to testing or check in area until your allocated time. There will be an interim baggage drop, the Royal Albert Dock is a short walk from ACC Liverpool should you wish to enjoy something to eat and drink.

I’m arriving by taxi / I’m being dropped off by a family friend

On arrival at ACC Liverpool, you will be signposted by our Cruise Operations Team to a designated passenger drop off area.

This a ‘Kiss & Go’ zone, so drop off will be be swift  – there will be no waiting and no long goodbyes!

If you have arrived at your designated time, you will be directed to the Passenger Covid Test Centre just a short walk away, where our qualified team of Test Centre personnel will assist you throughout the Lateral Flow Test. Your luggage will be placed in an interim bag area.

Once a negative result is confirmed, you will be directed to a Cruise Shuttle Bus that will transfer your to Liverpool Cruise Terminal for Check-In Your baggage will be transferred separately to the ship, where it will be x-rayed and delivered to your cabin.

Please note that the Check-In area is a ‘sterile’ environment and therefore once entered, you will not be allowed to leave.

Can I arrive early?

You should arrive at the Passenger Covid Test Centre at your allocated time – early arrivals will not be facilitated.

There isn’t a passenger waiting area at ACC Liverpool and due to Covid restrictions, the Passenger Covid Testing and Check-in process will be robustly managed.

Passenger Facilities

There are no food and drink facilities available at any point during the activity taking place at ACC Liverpool, you should therefore stop for refreshments/lunch/comfort breaks prior to arriving at your designated time.

There are numerous food and drink venues in nearby Royal Albert Dock which is just a short walk away from ACC Liverpool. Here you can wander the shops, enjoy a relaxing coffee or tasty lunch, prior to arriving at ACC Liverpool for your appointed time.

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