Passport Requirements

You must ensure you have a valid UK Passport with you at all times in order to present this at Check-in. Although the ship is remaining within UK waters, presenting a valid UK Passport is a condition of boarding and without it, you will not be allowed to travel.

Once you have a confirmed negative Covid Test, our Cruise Operations Team will direct you to the Cruise Shuttle Bus, which will transfer you to Liverpool Cruise Terminal for check-in.

Important Notice: There are no food and drink facilities available at  ACC Liverpool or Liverpool Cruise Terminal so you should therefore stop for refreshments/lunch prior to arriving at your designated time.

Cruise Shuttle Buses

This is a short journey of approximately 1.5km and should take no more than 10 minutes, however, there are some road works on The Strand, so your transfer may take slightly longer.

The Cruise Shuttle Buses will be not be filled to capacity, and although you will have had a negative Lateral Flow Test result by this stage, you should still wear a mask whilst on board the Cruise Shuttle Bus, unless you have a medical exemption certificate.

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